Do you want to make an impact in your community? Consider becoming a Grange Member! Grange members participate in events and activities in their communities, are active in local schools and government, and help strengthen the community.  Members come from all over and we encourage our members to spread the word about the Grange to anyone who shares these interests.

The vision of the Silverton to Grange is to be a community of neighbors

Our mission is to be an inclusive community center promoting projects and service which engage and strengthen Silverton and our broader world.

Why become a member?

Personal Benefits of Grange Membership

  • Friendship – A key component of the Grange is the friendship that develops among the members
  • Fun – Grange members make every activity or task fun. Taking part in Grange activities are a highlight in the lives of our members.
  • Networking – Our circle of acquaintances grows and members find that other Grangers can assist them in learning new skills, completing difficult tasks, and even offer career or job assistance.
  • Leadership Skills – Each member has the opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills that will benefit them in all aspects of life. Effective communication, participating in and leading a meeting, being part of and leading a team are just a few of the skills members acquire in the Grange.
  • Opportunity to Make a Difference – Each member is empowered to initiate action that will make membership a richer experience and to meet the needs of the community. Grange initiated service and legislative projects better the hometowns of America everyday.
  • You may just live longer! – Studies have shown that people who socialize with others and do volunteer work live longer and healthier.

Family Benefits of Grange Membership

  • Togetherness – The Grange is a place for the entire family. Meetings and activities are open to all ages and abilities. The Grange has always met together in a family atmosphere where everyone is equal.
  • Role Models – Grange members are good citizens with a great moral center. These are the type of people that children can look up to as role models.
  • Interests – The Grange offers many different ways to involve and interest members and allow families to come together in times of service, community engagement, fellowship, learning and entertainment

Grassroots Advocacy

When joining the Silverton Grange, expect to be encouraged to engage with your local, state and national representatives on legislative and regulatory issues affecting your community.

Benefits of Membership

Support a local community organization, connect with your State and National Grange, meet fellow grangers during monthly meetings, and get discounts on rental of the grange hall.

How much does it cost?

Yearly Membership

The first option is to pay for membership on a yearly basis which is $60. Your membership is good from the time to you pay until the end of the calendar year. Our membership cycle is January – December. When you sign up to be a member you are asked if you’d like to make an additional donation. Additional donations help support the mission of the Grange and are put towards operating costs and building improvements.

Monthly Membership

The second option for membership is paying on a monthly basis which is $6 a month. This makes membership more affordable and helps with month to month operating expenses. Just like the yearly membership, members are encouraged to make an additional donation on top of membership as they are able. For example, you can sign up to give $10 a month which would include the $6 membership dues and a $4 donation to the Grange each month.

How do I join?

Snail Mail Option (Only available for yearly memberships)

If you prefer paper and checks and are paying membership dues on a yearly basis, print and fill out the Paper Membership Application. Mail the completed application along with your check made out to Silverton Grange #748 to PO Box 1115 Silverton OR 97381. If you’d like to make an additional donation on top of the $60 yearly membership dues you can include that in one check. For example if you’d like to make an additional donation of $40, write your check for $100.

Electronic Option

If you want to go paperless or sign up for the monthly membership installments, please complete the Online Membership Application and then pay your membership dues online.