Thank you everyone who logged in to attend this annual event Virtually in 2021. We look forward to seeing you in 2022 for the 19th Annual MLK Observance!

Keynote Speaker Cameron Whitten:

“The Power of Resilience”

Cameron Whitten, Portland advocate for racial, LGBTQ and housing justice will give the keynote address “The Power of Resilience“ for the 18th Annual Silverton King Observance. Through resilience, Whitten has overcome obstacles, such as homelessness, to be a leader in social justice issues.

When Portland Black Lives Matter protests overlapped with the coronavirus pandemic in late spring of 2020, Portland activist Cameron Whitten wondered how they could make a difference. 

Their answer was Black Resilience Fund, which was inspired by their own resilience. Through a Facebook appeal, Whitten, and co-founder Salomé Chimuku, originally hoped to raise $5,000 to aid local African Americans hit hard by the health and economic impacts of the pandemic. 

Instead, the initiative raised $1.5 million and helped thousands of individuals. And it’s still growing. 

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